Investing in Bundaberg Trading Post is your ticket to financial success. Established since 1984, this resilient business has thrived for over 32 years, generating consistent profits and weathering economic fluctuations with ease.


Tap into a specialized market focus on purchasing and reselling high-quality second-hand items. With the growing aging population, the demand for downsizing and estate-related goods remains strong, providing a continuous stream of valuable inventory and significant profit potential. Leverage the established network and expertise of Bundaberg Trading Post to unlock lucrative opportunities.


With a spacious floor space spanning approximately 1300 square meters, revenue opportunities are amplified. A wide range of products entices customers, ensuring higher foot traffic and increased sales potential. Prime location opposite the Bundaberg Base Hospital guarantees visibility and accessibility, attracting medical professionals and patients alike.


Limited competition in the area sets Bundaberg Trading Post apart as the go-to destination for home/office furniture and building supplies. Capture a larger market share and bask in the loyalty of a dedicated customer base, boosted by glowing word-of-mouth recommendations.


Well-maintained assets and equipment, including the Isuzu NPR200 Pantech truck and comprehensive inventory management systems, ensure seamless operations and cost-effectiveness. Maximize productivity while minimizing overhead expenses, ensuring an optimal return on investment.


Seize this exceptional financial opportunity! Invest in Bundaberg Trading Post and unlock long-term profitability and a solid return on investment.


SALE PRICE $495,000 WIWO  –  Open to Offers

ABM ID# 6316