Business Migration

There are many benefits in allowing us the freedom to market your business to the lucrative migration community. Firstly, there is a global market of cash-ready business professionals looking for their perfect opportunity to migrate to Australia through ‘buying’ into the booming business community here. And secondly, we understand that your business has been a big part of your life and we aim to partner the correct business with the perfect buyer so your legacy can live on with a new generation.

To allow you to understand the migration process better, below is a summary only of migration requirements – please use the links below for more detailed information. You must first apply for a Business Owner (Provisional) visa. If you are successful, you will be granted a visa for a period of 4 years.

You can be outside Australia or in Australia, but you must lodge your application at one of the three Business Skills processing centres in either Hong Kong, Taipei or Perth, depending on where you usually live.

Providing you have successfully operated a business in Australia for at least two years, and you continue to hold a valid Business Skills (Provisional) visa, you will be eligible to apply for a permanent Business Owner (Residence) visa (permanent residence). You must apply in Australia.

To make an application for the Business Owner (Provisional) visa, business owners will need to show that they:-
Have an overall successful business career

  • Have an ownership interest of at least 10% in a business
  • Have significant net assets in business
  • Have significant business and personal assets
  • Have sufficient net assets to settle in Australia
  • Have achieved a significant annual turnover in your business
  • Have direct and continuous management role in overseas business
  • Have a commitment to maintain an ownership interest in a business in Australia, and direct and continuous involvement in management of that business
  • Have no history of unacceptable business activities
  • Be less than 45 years old; and
  • Have vocational English

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