The Entrance Boat Shed was built in 1927 to serve the thousands of people who wanted to enjoy the stunning Tuggerah Lake by fishing, catching prawns, or simply lounging in the sun.

Have you ever dreamed of owning a piece of history, a business that encapsulates the timeless allure of the Central Coast? Now is your chance! Presenting The Entrance Boat Shed, an iconic establishment that has graced the waterfront since 1927.

Boating Adventures: Explore the tranquil Tuggerah Lake with a fleet of watercraft, including boats with half cabins, open-deck motorboats, paddleboards, and kayaks. The adventure begins at your doorstep!
Fishing Haven: Offering bait and tackle, The Entrance Boat Shed is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. Help anglers make their dreams a reality by providing the tools they need.
Natural Wonders: Set against a backdrop of surfing beaches, Tuggerah Lake’s serene waters, and foreshore parklands, your investment becomes a gateway to some of Australia’s most splendid national parks.
Expansion Possibilities: With a kitchen ready to be transformed into a café or restaurant, you have the canvas to paint your culinary dreams and cater to the growing demand for waterfront dining experiences.
BBQ Boat Bliss: Unlock new horizons with the inclusion of a BBQ boat featuring onboard amenities, including a toilet. This unique offering adds a touch of luxury to your business, attracting families, groups, and event planners seeking unforgettable waterborne experiences.
No Rivals: Stand out as the go-to destination on the Central Coast with a century-old legacy and unparalleled services. The Entrance Boat Shed is the irreplaceable jewel of the region.
Location: Situated beneath the iconic Entrance Bridge, your investment is at the heart of this historic town.
Steady Traffic: Experience foot and car traffic year-round, driven by tourists seeking leisure and locals seeking a slice of paradise.
Family Run: Join hands with the current proprietors who have passionately nurtured this gem and actively steer its course towards success.
Workshop Advantage: Bolster your offerings with off-site boat repairs, solidifying your reputation as a comprehensive watercraft hub.
Endless Horizons: The Entrance Boat Shed holds the promise of a lucrative investment in a thriving tourism market.

Don’t miss this chance to write your chapter in The Entrance Boat Shed’s storied history. Contact us today to learn more about how you can make waves in the Central Coast’s premier waterfront business. Seize the Opportunity!

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