Established in 1982, Ultrachrome is a highly regarded electroplater run by an experienced team of qualified and dedicated professionals. Ultrachrome’s commitment has always been to provide the best electroplating service available in Australia.

Specializing in all areas of electroplating, Ultrachrome’s reputation for excellence has been built from sound technical expertise, meticulous workmanship, and always putting the customer first. The business continues to develop systems to meet the needs of a wide range of clients, from large industrial corporations to individuals.

Only sourcing of materials from certified suppliers, work to the most stringent industrial standards, to ensure the highest quality end products.

Fully equipped in purpose-built facilities, have the capacity to efficiently handle orders both large and small, offering an extensive range of electroplating finishes, including:
• cadmium plating – used extensively by the offshore petroleum industry.
• black chrome
• silver
• copper
• alloy chrome
• chrome
• gold
• brass
• antique finish
• and bumper and grille repairs

In nearly 40 years of establishment, the business has remained at the forefront of electroplating technology and continues to innovate the manufacturing processes and specifications to offer the very best electroplating services available.

With a highly experienced and dedicated team, the business offers free impartial advice and support to customers, often exceeding their expectations by providing:
• the highest quality products
• a reliable turnaround
• and genuine value for money

A lot of the electroplating work carry out is for car, boat, and motorcycle parts and industrial components.
However, they are able to plate almost anything, including ornaments, home fittings, and much more. In fact, in years of business, there is very little they haven’t electroplated!

ABM ID# 6289