A family owned business predominantly works within earth moving and assists within the Road Construction Industry. Asphalting, Earth moving, Paving, Cold Milling (profiling), Car Park Paving & General Earth moving.



¨ One of Melbourne’s leading road maintenance outfits

¨ Own all of their heavy equipment and transport loaders

¨ Experience and history of providing road maintenance services for government, council and large organisations.

¨ Maintain cutting edge heavy duty road repair vehicles and equipment

¨ Experienced road crews to use the equipment effectively

¨ Strong focus on the safety of road crews and the safety of the public and follow all OHS requirements and          regulations

¨ Comprehensive public liability insurance and maintain membership with Victorian Transport

¨ Secured high profile major contracts and clients

As there is limited competition in this field, current owner (retiring) feels there is massive scope for growth with expansion throughout VIC and Australia

 SALE PRICE $4.5 million