Affordable Tree Service are specialists when it comes to all tree services including trimming, canopy reduction, thinning, palm cleaning to withstand weather and to maintain a certain shape and improve safety for those below. They also remove dead and overhanging dangerous branches, provide land clearing services to prepare for the first stages of construction, stump grinding for a cleaner appearance and provide emergency storm response.

The business is operated from a home base which is located in Cashmere, an outer suburb of the Moreton Bay Region, Queensland. It is approximately 29km from Queensland’s thriving capital city, Brisbane.

Clientele includes Real Estate Agents, Body Corporates, Insurance Companies, Schools and more.

The Freehold sale includes a house on four bedroom house on the 5 acre property. The house contains four bedrooms, ensuite, dressing room, powder room, two lounge rooms, office and pool.

The business employs 5 casuals to assist the two working owners.

Financials will be made available upon signing a confidentiality agreement.

Freehold Sale Price $2,750,000
ABM ID #6016