J&J Engineering Pty Ltd is situated in Boniface Street Coopers Plains, Queensland established in 1984.

The business is always busy but they may be able to assist with repetition, bolts, screws, and fittings or other category services that are related to your repetition an engineer needs.

The business does not do welding but it can be arranged if required.

The business offers the following services:
General machining
Machining of bolts and valves
Cold heat treatment
Repetition screws
Fitting thread rolling

Key selling points
The Owner has had this business since 1984
Has reliable Clients
Does all the work for clients that is machinable
Owner willing to stay on and assist the new owner

United Fastners
South East Fastners
Harris Product Group
General Public
Morrow Gunn
Urban Fountain & Furnitures

Trading Hours
Monday—Friday 7 am to 3:30 pm

Full time x4
Casual x1
Owner x1 working 40-50hours
Role of Owner managing director

Business Sale Price $500,000

ABM ID#6293