Located in Oberon, NSW, this business is recognised as experts in the delivery of fresh milk, dairy, juices and bread products from well-known Australia wide companies. They service the Bathurst to Oberon area and clients include local shops, schools, aged care facilities, service stations and factories.

They are well-known for their reliable and prompt pickup and delivery services. They handle wide range of products varying from a household essentials, newspapers, magazines, all mail that comes in and goes out of town, as well as bread orders and dairy products. The owners take pride in their excellent customer service and importantly the affordability of their services. They provide a hassle free milk delivery service straight from a local dairy. This means that clients get the freshest of products and help dairy farmers in region.

  • Included in the sale are 5 well-equipped trucks for handling a wide range of products.
  • The business is currently operated by the vendors with the assistance of 1 full time and 5 casual staff.

Real Estate in the area is quite affordable as compared to major cities and a prospective buyer could purchase a new 4 bedroom house between Bathurst and Oberon area for $350,000 to $450,000.

Leasehold Sale Price $600,000+SAV
ABM ID #6147