Atherton Health Food Centre is situated in Atherton, Queensland established in 1978 and owned since 2018.
The business provides the local and outlying community with an extensive range of supplements, dry goods, homeopathic, hair & skin products, herbs and spices, essential oils, and pet products.


  • Starting just south-west of Cairns and rising more than 700m above sea level, the Atherton Tablelands is a lush, fertile region of rainforest, wetland, and savannah. An ancient coral reef has eroded over centuries to form rugged limestone caves in Chillagoe and nearby volcanic crater lakes sit amongst a series of tumbling waterfalls.
  • The Atherton Tablelands is one of Australia’s two major coffee-growing regions and you’ll be able to find an espresso here that would rival anything you’ll get in a Melbourne cafe. Visit Skybury Coffee to walk through the plantation, see the processed beans, and sample one of their award-winning Arabica blends. Drop into the Mt Uncle Distillery, which uses Australian botanicals to make award-winning gin, for something with a little more punch.


  • Permp/T (4days) x1
  • Casual 26hpw
  • Owner x1 working 38 hpw

Role of owner Accounts, Marketing, Ordering, Customer Service

Trading Hours

  • Monday— Owner (9am – 5.15pm) + Casual Retail(9am – 5pm)
  • Tuesday— Owner (9am – 5.15pm) + Part Time Packing/Retail (9am – 5.15pm) + Casual Retail (10am – 3pm)
  • Wednesday— Owner (9am – 5.15pm) + Part Time Packing/Retail (9am – 5.15pm)
  • Thursday— Owner (Option Day off) + Part Time Packing/Retail (9am – 5.15pm) + Casual Retail (9am – 5.15pm)
  • Friday—  Owner (Option Day off) + Part Time Packing/Retail (9am – 5.15pm) + Casual Retail (10am – 3pm)
  • Saturday—    Owner (9am – 12pm)


  • Local Search
  • Facebook
  • Various Local Magazines
  • Newspaper

Key Selling Points

  • Long Established
  • Growing Industry
  • POS system linked to website (stock numbers prices updated automatically)
  • Simple processes in place for running business
  • Consultancy room

Business Sale Price $200,000.00 +Sav
ABM ID#6309