Established in 1977, this business has developed a strong reputation for providing superior quality treated pine. The idea for the business arose when the current owner recognised the need for quality timber products suitable for both the coastal climate and the variety of building and agricultural enterprises found in the area. The business has a wide customer base– residential, agricultural, wholesale, Industrial and marine ensuring there is no dependence on any one market sector.

The business strategy employs a combined wholesale/retail strategy. Round timber is produced at the plant from unpeeled logs (from plantation pine) and sawn timber is purchased from wholesalers. The timber is then treated at the plant with the preservative, copper-chrome-arsenate (CCA) The plant is also able to plane rough sawn timber, perform custom treating and undertake contract log peeling.

The plant is situated on the only land with permission for industrial use in close proximity to the village and to the expanding populations of the surrounding coastal villages. The unique industrial permit, plus the pivotal location, will allow the purchaser to expand into new types of industrial business if desired.

Freehold Sale Price $850,000+SAV
ABM ID #3027