This timber specialist business has been established for nearly 60 years. As far as the owners are concerned, there is no substitute for quality. The business preserves pine by treating it to the correct level to achieve Australian standards. This timber is then used to manufacture post & rail fencing, gates, timber retaining wall materials, farm fencing, shed poles & building frames. The timber is used in both in ground and above ground applications. All products are cut to size prior to treatment to ensure proper treatment. All timber is guaranteed for 40 years against rot and white ants when used and installed correctly.

The sale includes 10 acres. Approximately 3 acres of the 10 are currently being used. There is the potential to expand the business.  Currently the business trades 5 1/2 days a week Summer, Autumn and Spring and 5 days a week through Winter.

There is regular advertising and marketing in place including full page print adds in local newspapers. The business also has a website.

The area is located only 1 hour from Melbourne and the area is famous for being one of Australia’s top dairy and beef farming districts.

Business Reference: ABM1728