This popular and well regarded Swimart Pool & Spa Supplies franchise has been servicing the Sunshine Coast since 1991 with the current vendor enjoying successful ownership since 2009.

Products & Services

  • Provide an extensive and affordable range of pool supplies, pool and spa chemicals and pool services in-store as well as at home.
  • Conduct product installations,
  • Pool and spa servicing
  • Help with major filtration equipment such as pool filters, swimming pool pumps and chlorinators as well as gas and electric heat pumps, and solar heating.


  • Located in the heart of one of the Sunshine Coast’s popular seaside town towns.
  • Apart from its function as a commercial and business centre, the town is best known for its sensational beaches, river precinct, shopping, entertainment and recreational facilities.
  • The shop itself is in a prime location on a main arterial road with plenty of off and on street parking for customers.


  • General public, Real Estate Agents, Body Corporates, Resorts, Builders
  • 200+ regular onsite customers
  • A database of over 10,700 customers and 50% have been categorised for future marketing.
  • Very high customer satisfaction level resulting in a large customer return rate. Over 60% of their customers are from outside the business’ postcode.


  • Family owned and operated
  • Currently seven fulltime employees and one casual employee

Opening Hours

  • Trades 6-7 days per week depending on Season (Summer/Winter)

Leasehold Sale $725,000 WIWO
ABM ID #6010