The company, was formed in 1995 and specialises in gravel placement using paver machines as well as compaction of material placed.



¨ Established in 1995, 20+ proven trading years

¨ Owner has in excess of 20 years experience specialising in this industry

¨ Has become  a multi million dollar enterprise

¨ Fleet consists of the most technologically and advanced pavers on the market

¨ Centrally located premises to house the fleet

¨ Clients/Projects include civil, construction, government & semi government bodies

¨ Meets all migration requirements

¨ Very healthy net returns with good cash flow

¨ All Workplace Health and Safety & Quality Assurance systems are in place

¨ Well known with an outstanding reputation for work ethics

¨ No advertising or marketing required due to the companies high profile in the industry


As there is limited competition in this field, current owner (retiring) feels there is massive scope for growth with expansion throughout QLD and Australia.

Major Clients include but not limited to

 ¨ Main Roads QLD (Roadtek)


¨ BMD Constructions

¨ Seymour Whyte

¨ LeadLease

¨ Downer Group

SALE PRICE $6,000,000 + SAV