Photograve Pty Ltd is a manufacturer of metal nameplates and compliance plates; rating plates and instruction panels, danger, warning, and instruction plates and decals for machinery, badges, and medals; memorial plaques; laser, photochemical and mechanical engraving, and etching, importers of badges and medallions; industrial screen printing; manufacturing insulation panels for electrical distribution equipment—situated in Jindalee, Brisbane since 1984.

The business still produces badges and medallions, however, most of this work is done offshore. They have an excellent relationship with an Asian factory where the quality and service are of the highest standard.

The business retains some badge-making machinery and produces small quantities in Brisbane. They have kept a large hydraulic coining press that is used for some of the specialized medallion work.

Tool & Die work is a small part of the business. The business still produces metal stamps and marking equipment from time to time.  The metal stamps are used to stamp or mark other metal products, leather and even meat.

The busiest part of the business is in the manufacture of Compliance Plates, Warning and Instruction Plates and Labels for the industry. The main customers are in the Mining, Gas, Electricity and Resources sector. They work in Stainless Steel; Brass; Aluminum;  Copper and Industrial Plastics. The factory has Photo-Chemical Etching; Photo-Anodizing; Laser Engraving and Screen and Digital Printing equipment. Their office is well equipped and lacking nothing except some more space – but manage with two in the office and 5 in the factory.

People often ask about their name, and in some ways, it can be confusing. The name originated out of their main manufacturing process. Having machine engraved metal for many years, in 1984 the company  started photo-chemical engraving. It very quickly became a great option. It is a more versatile process resulting in depth to add color to graphics, photos, logos and other fine detail that can’t be done any other way. For larger quantities of metal plates, photo-engraving is particularly beneficial. You may ask “what about laser engraving?” Photograve does that as well, but lasers have their limitations. They have some of the best laser machines available and they use them every day, but lasers don’t engrave metal with depth. Lasers “mark” the surface and while that may be sufficient for some applications, they don’t provide the depth available with the photo-engraving process which is often required for long-term durability. In addition to their photo-chemical engraving equipment, they have their own in-house anodizing plant for producing photo-anodized aluminum plates and plaques. Aluminum is a great choice for identification. It is durable, lightweight, and can be stamped, punched, or engraved on-site when certification is required. While continuing to develop new ways of making work more efficient, commitment to quality and customer service remains at the forefront of their mission.

The business has a great team of 7 people. This includes one Manager, one casual secretary/accounts manager, one graphic designer, one tool and die maker and three staff who do the screen printing, etching, and anodizing. The company could comfortably be managed by a husband & wife team or a family.

The business has definite potential for growth. This has only been limited by their desire to keep it small and manageable since the Global Financial Crisis. The market is substantial in Australia and with energy, vision and financial investment in marketing and staffing could increase sales and profit. There are not many companies doing the type of manufacturing they do. They believe they do it well and have some long term, satisfied clients.


Sale Price $255,000 +  SAV

ABM ID # 6288