Tweed Hydraulic Services has an excellent reputation for being a reliable distributor of light industry equipment and hydraulic industrial fitting specialists servicing Tweed, Byron Bay Areas and Gold Coast.

Tweed Hydraulic sell a wide range of equipment including hoses and tubing, brass fittings and clamps, lubricants, filters and oils, V Belts, pulleys, chain and sprockets, bearings and oil seals, pneumatic products, wheels and casters, gas fittings, grease application accessories and more. They are specialists in the servicing of generators, air compressors, pressure cleaners and maintain all packaging equipment. They are also a Spitwater Pressure Cleaner Distributor and Serving Agent, BAR Pressure Cleaner Distributor and Service Agent as well as a Pilot Air Compressor Distributor and Service Agent.

Included in the sale are: 1x Mobile Mitsubishi Triton hose van and 1 x 2001 Isuzu NPR292A truck fitted with compressor, lockable boxes, vice, crane, oxy/acetylene cage and toolbox with functional tools. This service truck is fully equipped for all on site hydraulic repairs.

  • Currently operated by the equivalent of 2 full time staff.
  • Trades 5 days per week
  • Great exposure on the internet.

The vendors are of the opinion that this business ideally would suit someone with strong managerial skills and industry experience or someone who would like to run the business under management.

Leasehold Sale Price $550,000 WIWO
ABM ID #6153