Banjo’s is a successful Bakery Cafe established in 1991 and owned in 1992. The business being sold is situated in Bathurst Armada Shopping Centre.

The food still is handcrafted, fresh each day and served in an environment which provides a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. We bake a superior loaf,and our bread is still made the traditional way, preservative free, fresh, soft and delicious. From day one, customers were quick to respond to the Banjo’s experience.

• Breads
• Sweets
• Savouries
• Pies & Pastries
• Espresso
Main turnover is breakfast, lunch meals & coffee 40 to 45 kg per week

• Fulltime x 3
• Casual x15
• Owners are working about 60 to 70 hours from Monday to Friday both managing roles of front and back house.

Trading Hours
• Monday to Saturday 0600– 1700
• Sunday 0600– 1600

• Facebook
• Physical store /Shopping Centre

Key Selling Points
• A busy store could suit 2 people or a couple.
• Seating capacity is 60 to 70 people in the larger store
• Directly in the front of shopping centre in main street.

Leasehold details
• Leasehold term- 7 years
• Lease expiry date- extension if wanted
• Lease Area- 115 sqm.
• Rent– $ 216 PA

Banjo’s Retreat Sale Price $450,000 +SAV
Banjo’s Café Sale Price $220,000 +SAV

ABM ID# 6302