This is a successful family owned business that has been established for over 20 years. The name is synonymous with quality and to that end they mainly use diamonds and gold sourced from Western Australia and Western Australia & South Sea Pearls.

The business retails, designs, repairs & manufactures an extensive range of men’s & women’s jewellery. The current owner is known for his creation of superb jewellery that is suited to customers individual designs and needs. In his creations, he uses only the highest caliber materials to produce superior items.

The business has its own comprehensive website and there is an occasional print, radio and tv advertising in place, but most referrals come to the business through its excellent “word of mouth” reputation.

The shop is situated in the busiest area of a thriving main street and has a secure lease with affordable rent and is close to the major shopping precinct of town.

If this business was run by a hardworking couple, one being a jeweler, the nett return  of approximately $300,000 can be easily achieved.