Mercedes House is located in the country town of Forbes, NSW. The historic building is situated minutes from the centre of town and which is close to all amenities, schools, churches, caf├ęs and shops. The accommodation is best described as apartment style with bed & breakfast facilities.

Mercedes House originally called “Tarra” was built in 1895 and still has many of the original features of homes built within the last two centuries. The home has been updated extensively to accommodate later styles of living and comfort, although you can still find throughout the house, period installations like high press metal ceilings, lead light windows, porcelain tiled foyer, original fireplace, tongue and groove flooring, large open spaced veranda, large semi-formal gardens and the odd quiet nook to just sit and relax.

The business has great exposure on the internet and you will find them on all the popular booking sites along with favourable reviews.

Freehold Sale $1,500,000
ABM ID #5022